What Would You Do?

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I graduated from Teesside University in 2014 with a 1st in Film & TV Production at the grand old age of 28. I was a good 8 years older than most of the students who were in my class and I did feel the difference from a lot of them. In Turkey where I spent a lot of my time, age gaps aren't such a big deal as they are in the UK. This was one of the first things I noticed when I went to boarding school in Sevenoaks, Kent. You don't really mix with people outside your peer group. You definitely didn't date them.

So I felt quite old going into my undergrad degree when I really didn't expect to. By the time I was done, I was ready to finish and wanted to get straight into working again, setting up as a freelance filmmaker and working on non-profit productions as well.

I am now 29 turning 30 later this year and the idea of a masters has been floating around in my mind again.

Should I do one? Do I need one? I don't think I do. Not for what I want to do now. But who knows? In a few years will I ever want to teach or work in a university. Right now, the concept of teaching repulses me. I have never wanted to teach but who knows. What if things change?

And if I do decide that a masters will help my progress in life, which masters should I do? Do I choose one that is logical, related to film and TV, or do I choose one that is more 'academic' like English Literature. OR do I go for something I know I will enjoy and something that will push me in areas I already dabble in? Like Creative Writing. A masters in Creative Writing. I know some people will instantly turn up their noses at that but if it helped me work on my writing and put me in touch with publishers.... and it would be something I love?

There's also the film I want to make...

...Yeah. There's this big film I've written and wanted to make for years and years. I've decided to start working on the fundraising so how would a masters affect that? Shouldn't I just concentrate now on my skills in filmmaking and getting them better and better, not shifting into an entirely new area of arts?

What would you do? 

lots of love
Little Moose xx


  1. It would feel more exciting, I imagine, to do a completely different subject in your masters. On the other hand it is beneficial with the writing you do, to expand your knowledge of English.

  2. It is always difficult to choose that what you want to be to write that paper which a lot of institutes give you assignment and you have to work hard day and night to complete that assignment to get your degree.