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Having been to see Jurassic World last night and a being a long time fan of the films, I had the bright idea of expressing my affection for them in the form of a blog tag. I came out of Jurassic World floating because for the first time (in forever) I felt properly entertained by a film again.

To all those who love Spielberg and Jurassic Park and who leave the cinema feeling truly entertained, come and join me in this TAG, I would love to see your answers, please add a link back to my blog if you wouldn't mind and do let me know as I'd love to read them:

1. What is your favourite dinosaur and why? 

I have great admiration for the Raptors but because of my childhood love for The Land Before Time, I think I shall have to go with the Brachiosaurus. Gentle giants.  That's why.

2. Which Jurassic Park film is the best?

The very first one. Although Jurassic World follows hard on its heels for me, Jurassic Park was something new and the ability it had to frighten people with animatronic dinosaurs was incredible. I also love the cast for the first one, they just seem far more vibrant then todays casts of big budget movies, I have no idea why. Also, the tension was built up far more in that first film and it really does pay off.

3. Would you rather be chased by a T-Rex or a Raptor?

T-Rex definitely. I feel like they get more distracted easily than the Raptors.

4. What is your most memorable Jurassic Scene? 

The Sunglasses Scene as I like to call it. Sam Neil taking his sunglasses off when he first sees the dinosaurs. I don't know why but it is my most favourite scene from any film and the performance of Sam Neil just really works for me. Slightly comedic and slightly awe-struck. Typical Spielberg.

5. Do your best dinosaur impression


6. If Jurassic Park was a real place, would you visit?

No. I'm scared of park rides...these are actual dinosaurs. Have you learned nothing from the films?

7. What is your favourite quote from any of the films?


Thanks for reading! I now tag YOU!

lots of love
Little Moose xx

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  1. I can't wait to see this new JP movie. Ill have to come back and answer. Sharing.