"Surely"...a new song

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The other night I wrote a song about growing older as a woman. It sort of came out of nowhere and at the same time it felt lovely writing something that I am a little hesitant to write because it runs deep.

I think every woman must suddenly go through that season where she comes to terms with the fact that she isn't a 'young lady' anymore but she also feels like she suddenly has the confidence and maturity to do everything she wanted to when she was younger but couldn't - and now society is telling her it's too late.

I just took that thought and ran with it...

surely, she must have got it wrong
was she really just ignored
a younger face walked through that door
and suddenly she’s not so important anymore

surely, this can’t be it
she’s got so much more to say
but she’s found she’s had her day
and her years have played their time away

if she could have the years back she’d do it right this time
she wouldn’t let it all just slip away
that’s what they all say
accept it, write it off as your heyday

surely, beauty comes with age
This isn’t as good as it gets
A little wider round the hips
she tries but jane norman just won’t fit

There will be rivieras, countries she longed to see
Everything she bottled up inside
She can prove she hasn’t died
She’s got so much more now, 

when she was just a little girl
she would count the days till she grew up
but her daddy said slow down
or one day you’ll wish you could slow the years

Surely, fashion comes and goes
but in dignity she’s clothed 
beauty ebbs and flows

She will stand strong against the storms that will unfold
She will be the rock her family needs
As steady as the trees
golden as the autumn leaves

words/music: Jay Moussa-Mann

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  1. Oh my gosh, I so know what you're singing about here. Once I hit 32, it's like I was suddenly invisible. But on the up side, I no longer have the worries of a 20yr old!