The Netflix Tag

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I got tagged by Crazy Stupid Tag and The Mad House of Cats & Babies and I am a BIG Netflix addict so thought it would be just the thing for me! Thank you for tagging me

Here goes...

All Time Favourite 

I would have to say House of Cards Season 1. My husband and I binge watched this and couldn't believe how addictive it was. Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor and the plot is just incredible. I'm also a big fan because it was a forward thinking way for Netflix to give audiences what they really want - a full series without having to wait for the next episode.

Current Addiction 

That would be "Once." Oh my goodness. How many times have I been awake waaay past my bedtime because I just have to watch ONE more episode. It's fairy tales vs. modern day and you are given a whole new background to the fairytale characters you thought you knew. Fascinating. Sometimes the script and dialogue leaves something to be desired but somehow it draws you on and on.


My own TV series on Netflix one day...preferably a nice happy family drama

Pet Peeve 

To do with Netflix? Are you joking? It's perfect!

Marathon Essentials 

Comfy pyjamas, a cuddly blanket, a bed or sofa all to yourself and some form of sweet and salty snacks because you need a good balance. I am currently trying to be good when I can so I tend to eat nakd bars (orange chocolate flavour) and pretend I am eating chocolate. Also, sometimes, a nice slice of bread and butter...mmmm 

What's On Your WatchList 

"Once." I'm still on season 1 but there are 3 more to go! Whooohooo! 

You Should Watch 

The Good Wife - legal drama around the character driven story of a politician's wife
House of Cards - Kevin Spacey is a politician who will stop at nothing to pull himself up the foodchain
Call The Midwife - wonderfully sweet British family drama about how midwifery evolved in the UK
Life on Mars - British drama series...just crazy - give it a go!
The Wrong Mans - hilarious comedy thriller starring James Corden

I now tag anyone who would like to do this.

Really looking forward to hearing what your Netflix addictions and perks are!

lots of love
Little Moose xx