Make Up Academy - My New Best Friend!

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I have never really found a drugstore brand of makeup that really works for me. I use a bit of Rimmel here a bit of Maybelline there. A couple of months ago I came across MUA aka Make Up Academy in Superdrug.

I bought their Undress Me Too neutral palette a while ago.  I bought the Au Naturel Sleek set around the same time and find them equal in their staying power and colour quality. The Undress me Too has a nice range from neutral to shimmery (or metallic as they put it)

Undress Me Too MUA Eyeshadow Palette

My favourites out of this palette are the Lavish and Obsessed together (the top and bottom 2nd from the right) and the Reveal and Exposed (Reveal is 2nd bottom from the left and Exposed is 3rd bottom from the left right next to it)

Lavish and Obsessed

Since I use their eyeshadow palettes so much, I decided to try a few more products of theirs. I then picked up a Fixing Mist. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how long my makeup lasted. It's hydrating too and you don't notice it once it's on.

Although, try to let your mascara dry first or do it after spraying it on, as a few times I haven't and ended up with blotched wet mascara all over my face, looking like a warrior of some sort.

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist

Check out this succulent Trio Eyeshadow -Pink Sorbet palette. Some gorgeous shades in here. This palette provides you with everything you need to create a toned pink shading to your eyes. I think it's delicate and ladylike. It's even got detailed instructions and a diagram on the back to show you what to do.

A nice Bronzer (shade 2) that I have used for contouring and was very happy with the result. It blends easily and you don't walk around all day feeling like you have bronzer on.

My latest favourite addition to my fast growing collection of MUA products is their Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette. Bursting with colour! I love it!

The colour combinations in this palette are lovely. I am very much a bright colour person and though you may think it's too much, if you choose correctly you can wear these daytime too. My go-to combination out of this palette are Fever (a gorgeous light pastel pink) and Vibe (a shimmering pastel green) which I use together alone. There will be a post coming up soon detailing how I use them. 

Anyhoo, that's my little sharing of Makeup Academy and how much I love them.

Have you tried any of the above and what did you think? I'd love to know your thoughts

lots of love

Little Moose xx


  1. I love there palettes and I'm going to have to try their Fixing Mist!

    1. Hi Martisa! I'm so happy with the fixing mist - although I have to admit, I haven't tried an awful lot of them. Keep an eye out for my Glitter Ball pastel eye tutorial coming up soon! Can't wait to make it :)

  2. So many pretty pictures in this post! Just made me want to go shopping haha! I am in love with greeny-blues at the moment and that 'Vibe' shade just ticks all of the boxes! Also, I didn't realise they do a fixing mist! I've actually been thinking about buying a setting spray - but they're so expensive! Can you remember how much the fixing mist was?

    Great post lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    Charlotte xxx

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    It was £5 at Superdrug and I thought it would be a bit rubbish for that price but it really keeps my makeup on all day. It is a little glossy though just to warn but I like that effect. Thank you so much for reading my post! I'm off to check out your website now : )