Make Your Own DIY Photo Frame | Little Moose Style

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I use this frame as a way of pinning up writing competitions and other notes. It hangs near my writing desk. It's super easy to make and you can switch out whatever you want to hang up there and make it into any kind of template you like!

Stuff you will need:

  • An old (or new) wooden frame
  • Some wire, strong thin wire that's easy to bend
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer and small nails
  • Mini pegs or bulldog clips
Step 1

Take your old wooden frame and measure across the back of it equal points all the way down it on each side (these are where your nails will go) Make sure they are evenly spaced on each side or your wire line will be wonky!

Step 2

Measure and cut some wire that will fit across the frame leaving a little extra to wrap around the nails on either side

Step 3

Wrap the wire around the nails, keeping it as tight and straight as possible

Step 4

Add two nails at the top of the back of your frame and attach a smaller piece of wire. This is going to be your hook to hang it on the wall with. 

Step 5 

Hang your frame on the wall and with your cute little colourful pegs, start pegging whatever you want onto it! 

If the pictures don't give you enough info then check out my latest video - chatting about this frame.