Art: The Mouse and The Moon

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A day or two ago I started doing some doodles in my sketchbook after looking at some lovely illustrations on Pinterest. One of the doodles was a little animal looking up at the galaxies. I wrote a little note next to it and left it. 

A few days later I felt like doing some painting so I decided to turn my doodle into a watercolour. I wanted to just mess around so I drew a little mouse looking up at the galaxies, fascinated by what is up there, while surrounded by some abstract buildings (one that looks like a large cheese) and another mouse flying on a rocket. 

I sometimes like to outline my watercolours in black. I was taught against this in art classes but it is a style I really like and I'm an adult now - so why not? I use Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens which are waterproof and come in a few different sizes.

I did make a mistake with this one. I didn't realise that the watercolour paper needed washing before use so it did buckle as I worked. It might be too late to wash it now but I will look into that. 

I then wrote out my little thoughts next to the mouse in the handwriting-y writing I could manage. 

The words read: "She often wondered what life was really about, what was up there beyond the stars. Despite all the breathtaking miracles right in front of her, she knew there was an even greater Miracle out there. So close...

So there it is: The Mouse and The Moon.  

Hope you enjoyed that!

Lots of love

Little Moose xx


  1. I think you should develope that as a childs story

    1. Maybe I will! I would love to do that one day....