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Hi everyone!

We had a lovely time in Florida. I fell in love with Disney World which was a surprise to me as I was convinced it would be tacky and a way to get your money. It got lots of my money but I was so Disney-fied that I didn't mind buying the Mickey Mouse cap and the T-shirt...and the Mickey top...and Christmas decorations...

I do not enjoy scary rides but I managed to do Splash Mountain, Everest (BIG MISTAKE - spoiler - it goes backwards and is really fast) and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I also did Jurassic River Ride at Universal which was fun although I didn't take much in because I knew what was coming and was so nervous I couldn't enjoy the amazing animatronics.

Here is a short vlog of our two weeks in Florida. I'm sorry it's not brilliant filming but I wanted to enjoy the holiday as opposed to doing my day job : ) So I used my iPhone and vlogging camera here and there when I could. I hope it has captured some of the fun we had.

Lots of love

Little Moose xx