Beauty Products Haul and Some Other Bits and Pieces

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I owned Rimmel's Day2Night Mascara for a LONG time before I realised that it had two parts to it. I've never been a really observant person - I observe things I want to observe, nothing much outside that - so one day I happened to twist the top differently to how I usually do it and suddenly - WHAT? - there was a secret compartment to my mascara! It had two sections!

I liked it before I discovered this but once I started using the lengthening section first and then the volumizing I realised it's full potential. I really like this mascara. It's one of my go-to everyday beauty products and it's affordable!

I am a big fan of Lip Gloss. I like the feel of it and I'm very into cheaper kinds that you need to keep topping up on during the day because putting it on feels nice and it's fun! This is a new one I picked up in Boots from Collection. It's a gorgeous fresh, baby pink colour and it smells like raspberry or strawberry.

I've just had my hair cut very short again which makes it very bouncy and full of volume but when it gets a bit longer (which is soon with my hair!) I need products to volumize it and this mousse has been working wonders in my hair recently. I do use gel and wax sometimes but I find mousse lighter and less invasive on my hair. The Got2B 2 Sexy Volumizing Mousse. It's spray on which I LOVE because it means I don't have excess mousse on my hand when I'm using it and it's much tidier on the hair.

Next up - the Britta Water Filter Bottle. Oh my goodness what a find! In the last year or so I have completely recalculated my attitude and intake of water. 

Growing up, I hated the taste of it and I loved Diet Coke. When I started running I needed water because of all the sweating and because I read you had to keep hydrated. After a while I started to like water and realised that drinking more of it made me less tired and made my skin look so much better. I am quite fussy about the kind of water I'm drinking though. It has to taste good. We use a Brita Filter Jug at home anyway and I love that these bottles I can just run under the tap and immediately drink nice tasting water. The bottle comes with filters which you change every week and they are super low maintenance and easy to use. 

Check out some my new storage and bag I bought on my haul video below. Excuse the singing at the beginning, it seemed like a good idea at the time...