7 Things I Just Can't Handle

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Finally back from Orlando, Florida. There's me standing next to an inspiring Walt Disney quote. So sorry about the lack of blogging. Here is a list of 7 things I don't like to get back on track again. 

1. The sound of the hoover (vacuum cleaner) This pet hate was much worse when I was younger. I used to feel really stressed and sad at the sound of the hoover. Hearing it meant that the house was being cleaned and I had to keep out of the way. Now I'm not so bad but I still don't like the sound. It stresses me out.

2. The flush on plane toilets. It makes me jump EVERY time, no matter how much I prepare for it. It terrifies me. Together with that musty, dry air smell you get on planes, something about the sound and speed of the toilet flush makes me sure I will be sucked out of the plane.

3. Mothers and fathers with prams. Just because you have a child does NOT mean you have the right of way or that you can run people over and then look at them when they don't move as if they have committed a crime. Yes, you are there to protect your child with your life if necessary, but that does not make you Lord of the Pavement.

4. Lies. I don't understand people who lie. It undermines who they are. I am confused and baffled by liars and it immediately puts a barrier up for me with that person because they are not being themselves. They are hiding their true self and that really puts me off.

5. Wasps. I have been known to jump out of a moving car (slow but still moving) in order to get away from a wasp. I have been stung and it was not that bad at all so I don't know why I'm so scared of them but if one gets into the house I have to leave until someone gets rid of it.

6. Doctors and hospitals. Ever since I can remember I have hated going into any medical facility and I have a deep distrust of medical professionals. There are a few who have been good enough for me to trust them but in general I am incredibly wary of doctors unless they are also a nice person and have a good bedside manner.

7. Heights. I find it difficult to stand on a wall that's a few feet of the ground : ) The ski lift at Disney's Blizzard Beach was terrifying from start to finish for me!

What are some of your pet hates?