Disney World Florida....My To Do List

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This year will be my very first time visiting Disney World Florida. I've never been to any Disney related theme park and I am now 29 so it's never too late!

Doc (from Snow White) at the Magic Kingdom / Disney World

When I was a child all I wanted to do was go to one of these places but that was pretty much impossible back then. 

My husband Kevin has been twice, once as a child once as a grown up and when we got engaged one of his big 'things' was that he wanted to take me to Disney World Florida. 

This will be our treat and the first proper holiday we've had together since our honeymoon. There is SO much I want to do while I am out there and I thought I could share some of those things with you and you can tell me what I've missed out of my list. We'll also be going to Universal while we're there so I am including that in my list as well as random U.S stuff that has nothing to do with Disney World:

1. Go on the Rip It Ride It Rockit. I watched this on the Ellen show and thought 'Yes!' wanna do that! I am slightly nervous of big rollercoaster rides but I have decided that I can't go all that way and not try them!

2. Visit Harry Potter Land! I am quite excited for this one, not because I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world (loved the books, hate the films) but because I love places that feel like a fantasy world or a film set. Anything that allows me to imagine I am in another life does the trick

3. Target and Walmart Haul! Things are so much cheaper in the States than in the UK and much higher quality supermarket stuff. I always comes back from the US with boxes and boxes of those Betty Crocker delights, especially Cornbread mix. I adore cornbread! I don't know why

4. Try a hot pocket. Keep seeing the adverts for them...I am told they are wonderful\

5. Go for a run on one of the Disney running routes

6. Have a character breakfast or dinner or whatever they are called (the restaurant where Disney characters comes and are freaky) I am a bit weirded out by that whole concept. Do you speak to these characters? Do they talk back? 

7. Watch an outdoor movie - I've ALWAYS wanted to do this since like forever

8. Watch a movie at a cinema that lets you eat at tables

9. Go on the safari. I love animals, I love nature, I used to watch David Attenborough non-stop as a kid

10. Go fishing. Yeah. I've never tried it and always wanted to. 

11. Get all dressed up and have a meal at the Victoria and Albert's restaurant

12. Buy and wear Mickey Mouse ears for a whole day!

13. Visit the Affection Section. Cuddly animals - Yay!!!
That's all I can think of right now. I am sure I will be adding to this list as we near the time. I haven't mentioned the trips to the Mall of course and the clothes and make-up shopping I'm preparing for! 

What's your fav thing at Disney? Any suggestions for me? 

lots of love
Little Moose