Those Beyonce Photos and Some Beauty Facts

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The Beyonce 'un-photoshopped' photos got me thinking. All about beauty and how we perceive beauty and what society has turned it into.

There is no doubt that we as a collective group of human beings, judge and make decisions about others based largely on how they look. That doesn't make it right of course.

I made this infographic based on my findings on Wikipedia after realising that throughout history, looks and beauty have affected us in one way or another.

That doesn't make it right of course. I went for a little wander in Debenhams today and suddenly realised there was a whole section of makeup brands I had never even looked at before. I sauntered over to check out what they had and see if I could pick up anything. Then I saw the price and quietly wandered away again.

I would much rather save the £38 on an Urban Decay eye palette and put it towards a nice meal out with my husband or some clothes...or even business cards for our business. Because I don't want to become obsessed with my beauty. If you look carefully the photos where you look the most beautiful are taken on days when you're the happiest and feeling the freshest. The best makeup in the world will not cover discontent. I like makeup, I love looking pretty and I think a girl should makeup when she goes out. But I would just rather spend the money on keeping fit and spending time with those I love.