Fitness: 10 Things I Use For Running

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The 15th of February is the anniversary of my husband and I running for one whole year. This might not seem much to some people, but for me it is huge!

Growing up, I was always the slightly tubbier, non-sporty one. I hated team games, I wasn't competitive and I was surrounded by MK, TCK slim, tall, golden blonde American sporty girls. I did like some activity, I loved swimming and aerobics but I never believed I could push my body into anything that hurt or made me fight to catch my breath.

Then I got married, and when you get married I think you start to reshape your world and your perception of yourself because you are suddenly with this person who thinks you're amazing and gives you room to do and try things you've always felt scared or shy about trying before.

Also, most people put on weight in their first year of marriage and we were no different. It's natural, you're relaxed, in love and eating together ALL THE TIME! I have the photo but I'd rather not post it here...we had just been to my cousins wedding and someone put a photo of us on Facebook. We saw it and both of us realised we needed to start getting fit and healthy again. I was also fighting off a really depressed time of my life and anger which was making my heart rate go up to 120 at time so I was getting really worried about my heart. I did a bit of research and decided that running was the way to go.

I didn't expect it to last very long. The first weeks were awful. Headaches, muscle aches, tiredness beyond understanding, stomach cramps...and then suddenly, it started to click. My body started to accept the new turn and I started to love it.

So here are 10 things I use for running. There is also a video of me showing you these things here:

but I have also compiled a list too for you more text based peeps:

1) Joggers - Mine are black and pink from M&S because they have this awesome back pocket where I can slip my iPhone which is all important to me when I run. I would advise getting proper sports joggers to run in as they are made specially to keep you warm and aired and deal with sweat really well.

2) Heart rate monitor -Especially when you're starting out you want to know what level you are and checking your heart rate is a great way to do that. You'll notice as you get fitter your heart rate will be lower then when you began. It's a great feeling. It also allows you to monitor whether you are in the fat burning zone.

3) The Runkeeper App - an absolute must! We did the Beginner to 5K course that came free with the app and it really gave shape to our running schedule. It told us what to do in the best way for our newbie bodies. I still use it to track all my runs and it's great looking back to see just how far I've come. You can sub 30 plans as well but I'm not quite there yet!
Runkeeper and health on iPhone

4) Nike Freerun 5.0 Shoes - We treated ourselves to these proper running shoes after we completed our first 5K race as a treat and a pat on the back. They are like air. They are so comfortable, so light and yet so durable. Mine are hot pink and lime inside! I love them!

IMG_39925) Tops - I have a heavier one from M&S that zips up all the way to the neck and is very good at keeping me warm but also cool when I need it (how does it do that?) but I also use thinner, lighter tops that Kevin had lying around for when it's not very cold but a bit chilly. You also will want sleeveless tops for when it's hot. I prefer loose ones to tight fitting but that's just me. Whatever you feel comfortable in is the most important.

6) Shorts - Again mine must have a bum pocket for my iPhone and in summer you won't be wearing a jacket so you'll have nowhere to put your phone and no way to listen to music!

7) MyFitnessPal App - The best calorie counting app there is. It has a barcode option in it as well as search so you can just scan your food's bar code and bam you have the calorie amount. It really helped me start to watch what I eat and together with the running got me back on track and made me more conscious of a healthy lifestyle

8) Jacket - (essential for the cold) It gets cold enough that your long sleeved won't be warm enough. And you can always take this off if you get too warm and tie it round your waist. It is a must though especially if you live in the UK like me!

Morning run.

9) Beanie - Keeps head and ears warm in the cold and believe me you will notice the difference without it when it's real winter weather. Not having one could make all the difference between going out and not going out!

10) Running gloves - Initially at the start of your run until you've warmed up everything is going to feel cold so you're going to want to wear gloves until your body warms up. I was using normal gloves for ages and they made my hands sweat until Kevin bought me runners gloves which are warm but much lighter material and allow for breathing.

Let me know what you use and what you think might benefit me in the comments below!

lots of love

Little Moose x