40 Minutes of Blogilates!

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The Cardio Cookie Monster!

As I was explaining in my previous post, I was never the 'sporty one.' I did work out here and there but I always saw it as a chore and a big effort.

Since starting running something strange happened to my body. About 2 or 3 months into it I started to crave exercise. Like really crave it. When I went 2 or 3 days without running or some kind of activity, I got grumpy and miserable. A quick workout would make me feel good again.

The other strange thing that happened is that my body started to want cardio.


Now that's weird? Right? Before I would be drawn to anything that was slow and controlled - ab work, Pilates, stuff that did not involve heart rate going up or me jumping around the room. Now I struggle to make myself be calm and do calmer workouts because I have become a Cardio Cookie Monster!

My Own Compilation

I recently discovered Blogilates which if you don't know is a YouTube fitness channel run by Cassey Ho. I was dubious at first but once I tried one of her workouts I was hooked and have compiled my own Sweat-It-Out Blogilates Workout on my own channel which I worked out to this morning.

I am still shaking a bit. It's a mix of pure cardio and cardio with ab work. I really like Cassey because she tries to trick you into forgetting what you're doing while she secretly murders you with painful moves by chatting about her hair, what you think of her clothes, what you think about various topics. It's a tactic I've never seen in a fitness instructor before and it totally works on me!

Check it out below:

Why not give it a go today?

How do you feel about cardio? Do you hate it like I used to? Did you find your body changing over time of consistent exercise? What's your favourite cardio workout, oh and by the way I had tried "Insanity" before this and hated it and I still can't get into that one. I think it really depends on the instructor and your personality too. I don't like anything that is challenging you to be 'hard' or 'see how far you can push yourself'

I like to workout hard but take my mind off the fact I'm doing it as MUCH as possible!

lots of love

Little Moose x