Turning 30...weight and body shape

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They don't tell you it starts to happen at 30. You see all these 30 something year old women when you're younger struggling with weight loss, moaning about how much thinner they used to be, how hard it is now to shift the weight. I never took much notice. I also just assumed that that's what happened after having kids.

I never realised that what they actually were trying to say was that their bodies had changed.

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my body is changing again. I have always been someone who has to watch what I eat. I was never naturally active and sporty so that didn't help. I've never been fat as such, I have been chubby and I have also been very slim for a good portion of my grown up life.

Over the last year I've started to notice that the weight is going to different parts of my body. It's also staying put. If I had done the amount of exercise and eating the way I am now about 5 years ago, I would have been positively skinny. But now I have to work a lot harder to stay normal.

Getting into running helped but now I find that 30-50 minutes of exercise every day is a good start.

Also, sadly, I have come to terms with the fact that I do have to stick with vegetables, fruit and low calorie foods. Switching from rice (ah my beloved rice!) and pasta to bulgur, choosing fruit salads for breakfast, searching for the brown bread and snacking on naked bars (naked bars are AMAZING by the way - if you don't know what they are go check 'em out)

Basically, I have had to accept that my lower tummy fat does not melt as soon as I stop eating sugar and go to the gym once a week.

So this week I accepted the fact that from now on, my eating habits have to change. I have to eat less sugar all the time. I have to work out every day. And I have to enjoy it if I want the body shape that I want.

So far so good, this week I have worked out every day since Sunday. I have tried two new classes at the gym (thank goodness I have my husband Kevin with me, I hate going to those things alone!) and I have spent money on fruit and veg. Yeah, that's the other thing - I don't mind if I spend £2 on a fruit pot. If it stops me going for a bag of maltesers it's worth the cost.

I wonder how much healthier we'd all be if they made chocolate cost £1.50 and fruit 60p.

Anyhoo, I am off on my aching thighs (how was I to know Body Pump was basically weight lifting!) to go and plan my exercise for the weekend

lots of love
Little Moose