Sweet Little Make-up Bags

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Because my mainstream work is mainly making TV and promos for other people, I have taken to looking for an alternative creative outlet at the weekends. These creative outlets have often been sewing projects.

I've been looking forward to making this one for a while: a sweet, colourful make-up bag. I saw the tutorial on the Made Everyday YouTube channel. I suppose you could use a bag like this for anything really - pencil case, something to keep your craft buttons in...

The tutorial asks you to use two different fabrics for the outside and the lining. I had some fun, bright fabric I had picked up a while ago not knowing exactly what I would use it for and decided it was perfect for this project. 

These will make pretty little presents and I love the fact that I can finally make my own make-up bags and choose exactly what colour and style I want them to be! 

Lots of love
Xx Little Moose