8 Steps To Cute Pastel Eyes and Fresh Face

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Pastel eyes are looking to be the new trend in 2015 and I personally love the look. I think it really suits my eyes because as well as being dark, they are quite small and I think light and shimmer brings them out and makes them pop more than darker shades.

I tested a few of the colours on the back of my hand a few times before getting started on my eyes and here is the look I came up with. I am so happy with it.

Pastel eyes are summery and light and make me think of sunshine, sitting outside in the hot sun with a can of diet coke chatting with friends. Skin slightly covered but not enough to cover freckles and giving a slight sheen to the skin.


Stila Tinted Moisturizer - Bare 01 just freshen up my face and skin and give a very very light coverage without feeling like I'm really wearing makeup.


Then I took my MUA Glitterball palette and taking the beige shimmer I give a nice base to the lid taking it up into the crease and brow bone at an angle.


Then I took this beautiful pink and gave a light base to the eye which I then strengthened in colour in the middle of the lid, just the middle.


I then took the turquoise and coloured in the outer part of the lid and the inner corner. The trick is to not blend and keep the boundaries clean cut to really make the colours defined.


Then carry the turquoise colour from the outer lid to halfway along the lower lashline. Stop halfway and then carry the pink from the tear duct to meet the turquoise halfway on the lower lashline. Again, try not to blend but make sure the colours meet in the middle. I kept it light but I guess you could strengthen the lower lashline colours if you wanted to.


I then used Collections Brown Eye Definer to lined my eyes. I usually use a very dark eyeliner but I wanted to continue the theme of summer and this makes me think of earthy, tanned colours and I wanted the eyeshadows to pop not the liner. This eyeliner melts into the eyes beautifully.


Rimmel Day2Night Mascara to finish the eyes, first lengthening and then volumizing.


And to finish the whole face I dab a few fingers of Stila's Lillium convertible colour onto my cheekbones and lips. Lillium is a new find for me and I adore it.

It's the perfect, innocent, fun-loving pink that reminds me of sun and tans and beaches. I also love the fact that it doubles up a lip colour so I know the colour balance is right and I've got the perfect shade to match my cheeks.

All done! A bit early but - bring on the Summer. In the meantime I will make do with Spring : )