All You Need To Start Sewing

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Portable sewing kit. Zakka.

So, you've got a sewing machine. Great. Now what? Well, you will soon discover, as I did, that you are going to need a few more essential tools if you're really going to go anywhere with this sewing malarky. I found out through trial and error, by starting on a project, realising I didn't have the right tools and then having to wait until I'd bought them.

So here are some of the main tools I needed when I recently started to learn to sew:


Not any old scissors. Good, dressmaking scissors that don't hurt your hands and cut clean and sharp because trust me you will be using them a lot AND when you're cutting out patterns the more precise you are, the easier it will be when you sew it altogether.

Get yourself over to a haberdashery and pick up a good, solid pair that will last you a while.

Tape Measure

Tailors tape. I didn't have one when I started playing around and had to use (oh dear!) a RULER, which is absolute rubbish when working with fabric and even worse when it comes to measuring yourself!

You can get them for almost nothing online and in all different bright colours! So sweet. Try and get the plastic kind not the uber cheap paper ones because they will rip.

Pink Tailors Tape

La modistilla - MacroToyPhotography

The Unpicker

Learn to love the unpicker. The unpicker is your friend, your companion, your trusted guardian in your times of need.

Also known as a Seam Ripper (satisfying term don't you think?) this tiny tool is my best friend and my worst enemy. Friend because I know when I've sewn a fold over itself, or sewn the wrong pieces together that he will undo the damage for me. Enemy because when he is taken out it means sitting hunched over my work, undoing everything I just slaved over for hours.

Seam Ripper from Hemline

Busy Hands

Tailor's Chalk/Fabric Pen

I personally prefer the fabric pen to the chalk because it is darker and up to now I have mainly worked on light fabrics. I would have both though. It's essential for dotting where dart ends are, or marking little cuts in the fabric etc.,

The one I have disappears after a few hours but also washes out with soapy water.


Arguably your most important tool. You're going to WANT to have pins when sewing otherwise you will get nowhere. There are times when the seam is short and straight enough that you can just hold it together but mostly, you will love the pins for holding everything together while you work. You also need them for pattern cutting when you pin your pattern piece to the fabric and cut around it. Plus you can buy bright colourful ones to make things more cheery!

Pin Cushion

I am pretty sure I have missed some things out but I think basically you could start on these tools. Obviously you'll be needing fabric but that's a whole other post I will have to research for myself first.

You can gather your tools individually, finding novelty items to brighten up your sewing bag and to your taste or you can also pop over to IKEA like a friend of mine did and purchase an essentials kit for £10.

Such a bargain!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ikea Sewing Set

If you want to spend some money and you like pretty wooden things and you feel it will motivate you, check Thread Theory out

I wish I had a heap of money to just spend on frills like this gorgeous sewing box from or this one or this one from Hobbycraft

But now I'm just getting carried away! You only need these simple basics to get going. Everything else is a perk!

So off you go! Enjoy putting your sewing box or bag together. If you want to see what's in my sewing bag when I go to class watch the video here

lots of love

Little Moose x

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