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Having been to see Jurassic World last night and a being a long time fan of the films, I had the bright idea of expressing my affection for them in the form of a blog tag. I came out of Jurassic World floating because for the first time (in forever) I felt properly entertained by a film again.

To all those who love Spielberg and Jurassic Park and who leave the cinema feeling truly entertained, come and join me in this TAG, I would love to see your answers, please add a link back to my blog if you wouldn't mind and do let me know as I'd love to read them:

1. What is your favourite dinosaur and why? 

I have great admiration for the Raptors but because of my childhood love for The Land Before Time, I think I shall have to go with the Brachiosaurus. Gentle giants.  That's why.

2. Which Jurassic Park film is the best?

The very first one. Although Jurassic World follows hard on its heels for me, Jurassic Park was something new and the ability it had to frighten people with animatronic dinosaurs was incredible. I also love the cast for the first one, they just seem far more vibrant then todays casts of big budget movies, I have no idea why. Also, the tension was built up far more in that first film and it really does pay off.

3. Would you rather be chased by a T-Rex or a Raptor?

T-Rex definitely. I feel like they get more distracted easily than the Raptors.

4. What is your most memorable Jurassic Scene? 

The Sunglasses Scene as I like to call it. Sam Neil taking his sunglasses off when he first sees the dinosaurs. I don't know why but it is my most favourite scene from any film and the performance of Sam Neil just really works for me. Slightly comedic and slightly awe-struck. Typical Spielberg.

5. Do your best dinosaur impression


6. If Jurassic Park was a real place, would you visit?

No. I'm scared of park rides...these are actual dinosaurs. Have you learned nothing from the films?

7. What is your favourite quote from any of the films?


Thanks for reading! I now tag YOU!

lots of love
Little Moose xx

Rosy Glow Cheeks & Eyes Tutorial

MUA Baked Pink Sorbet Trio is one of my favourite colour palettes for eyes. I've been wearing it a lot over the past few months until I finally decided to share it with you all. 

I start off with my one-and-only MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. I am looking for a new higher end foundation but haven't found anything that I prefer over this one yet. I use a few dabs of MAC Mineralize Concealer under my eyes. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Obviously the star of the show, the gorgeous Baked Pink Sorbet Trio Eyeshadow from MUA (Makeup Academy) I absolutely love these colours. They work so well together. They are slightly shimmery which I like because if your skin colour is slightly darker it probably suits a slight shimmer. 

I was in Debenhams the other day and got well and truly caught by the lovely lady on the Dior counter. She did a beautiful make-over and one of the products she used was their Rosy Glow Awakening Blush. Not surprisingly I walked out of Debenhams owning this lovely product. 

It looks really pink here but it brushes on very light. You can build it up and it looks so wonderfully natural on the skin. 

I finished the whole look off with Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner and Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara and then flicked my hair out to give it more volume. 

There is also a 2 minute video tutorial for this look so feel free to check it out below.

Two Year Anniversary | A Sweet Surprise

This morning I was woken by the sound of my lovely husband, Kevin, walking into our bedroom, his hair messy, his top crumpled, obviously having dragged himself out of bed at some unearthly hour, holding something hidden behind his back.

I blearily got out of bed and he then presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers, a card and a lovely little digital radio - something I've been wanting for ages.

Happy Anniversary! 

We have had quite a busy few weeks and I had been away over the weekend so I didn't have time to get him anything and I was pretty sure he hadn't had time to get me anything. The night before I had felt a little sad about that and had a little cry at the thought of becoming old and boring and not caring about the special days anymore...

So it completely made my day when Kevin woke me with such a lovely, sweet surprise. The card would have been more than enough.

Spring colours!

Goodmans digital portable radio. So lightweight and easy to use

We stumbled downstairs for a rare breakfast together and behold...ANOTHER bouquet of flowers because as Kevin said, "Two bouquets for two years...but don't expect this to carry on after year 10." Fair enough!

The second bouquet

I can't believe we have been married for two years already but at the same time it feels like we've been married so much longer. I can't remember life before Kevin. He makes me so happy. 

Kevin at Seal Sands

Me, having arrived home that morning after almost a no sleep weekend

No makeup. Quite pleased with the results

Facial Cleanser | Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish | Little Moose

All my life I had searched for a facial cleanser that wouldn't give me spots. 

I have very normal skin that doesn't really act up much. But whenever I tried cleansers I would break out.

Eventually I gave up and decided that a facial cleanser just wasn't for me...until I watched Zoella's skin care routine and discovered Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish. 

What a revelation! 

It was amazing! So fresh, taking off all my makeup without having to use wet wipe after wet wipe, scrubbing my eyes raw trying to get my mascara off. Following the simple routine with this cleanser, my face not only WAS clean but FELT clean too. 

I love it so much that it inspired me to make a short advert style film, expressing my appreciation for the product and how I like to use it. 

What's your favourite product?

The Netflix Tag

I got tagged by Crazy Stupid Tag and The Mad House of Cats & Babies and I am a BIG Netflix addict so thought it would be just the thing for me! Thank you for tagging me

Here goes...

All Time Favourite 

I would have to say House of Cards Season 1. My husband and I binge watched this and couldn't believe how addictive it was. Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor and the plot is just incredible. I'm also a big fan because it was a forward thinking way for Netflix to give audiences what they really want - a full series without having to wait for the next episode.

Current Addiction 

That would be "Once." Oh my goodness. How many times have I been awake waaay past my bedtime because I just have to watch ONE more episode. It's fairy tales vs. modern day and you are given a whole new background to the fairytale characters you thought you knew. Fascinating. Sometimes the script and dialogue leaves something to be desired but somehow it draws you on and on.


My own TV series on Netflix one day...preferably a nice happy family drama

Pet Peeve 

To do with Netflix? Are you joking? It's perfect!

Marathon Essentials 

Comfy pyjamas, a cuddly blanket, a bed or sofa all to yourself and some form of sweet and salty snacks because you need a good balance. I am currently trying to be good when I can so I tend to eat nakd bars (orange chocolate flavour) and pretend I am eating chocolate. Also, sometimes, a nice slice of bread and butter...mmmm 

What's On Your WatchList 

"Once." I'm still on season 1 but there are 3 more to go! Whooohooo! 

You Should Watch 

The Good Wife - legal drama around the character driven story of a politician's wife
House of Cards - Kevin Spacey is a politician who will stop at nothing to pull himself up the foodchain
Call The Midwife - wonderfully sweet British family drama about how midwifery evolved in the UK
Life on Mars - British drama series...just crazy - give it a go!
The Wrong Mans - hilarious comedy thriller starring James Corden

I now tag anyone who would like to do this.

Really looking forward to hearing what your Netflix addictions and perks are!

lots of love
Little Moose xx

What Would You Do?

(c) Matthias Ripp

I graduated from Teesside University in 2014 with a 1st in Film & TV Production at the grand old age of 28. I was a good 8 years older than most of the students who were in my class and I did feel the difference from a lot of them. In Turkey where I spent a lot of my time, age gaps aren't such a big deal as they are in the UK. This was one of the first things I noticed when I went to boarding school in Sevenoaks, Kent. You don't really mix with people outside your peer group. You definitely didn't date them.

So I felt quite old going into my undergrad degree when I really didn't expect to. By the time I was done, I was ready to finish and wanted to get straight into working again, setting up as a freelance filmmaker and working on non-profit productions as well.

I am now 29 turning 30 later this year and the idea of a masters has been floating around in my mind again.

Should I do one? Do I need one? I don't think I do. Not for what I want to do now. But who knows? In a few years will I ever want to teach or work in a university. Right now, the concept of teaching repulses me. I have never wanted to teach but who knows. What if things change?

And if I do decide that a masters will help my progress in life, which masters should I do? Do I choose one that is logical, related to film and TV, or do I choose one that is more 'academic' like English Literature. OR do I go for something I know I will enjoy and something that will push me in areas I already dabble in? Like Creative Writing. A masters in Creative Writing. I know some people will instantly turn up their noses at that but if it helped me work on my writing and put me in touch with publishers.... and it would be something I love?

There's also the film I want to make...

...Yeah. There's this big film I've written and wanted to make for years and years. I've decided to start working on the fundraising so how would a masters affect that? Shouldn't I just concentrate now on my skills in filmmaking and getting them better and better, not shifting into an entirely new area of arts?

What would you do? 

lots of love
Little Moose xx

Disney World Florida Video | Little Moose

Hi everyone!

We had a lovely time in Florida. I fell in love with Disney World which was a surprise to me as I was convinced it would be tacky and a way to get your money. It got lots of my money but I was so Disney-fied that I didn't mind buying the Mickey Mouse cap and the T-shirt...and the Mickey top...and Christmas decorations...

I do not enjoy scary rides but I managed to do Splash Mountain, Everest (BIG MISTAKE - spoiler - it goes backwards and is really fast) and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I also did Jurassic River Ride at Universal which was fun although I didn't take much in because I knew what was coming and was so nervous I couldn't enjoy the amazing animatronics.

Here is a short vlog of our two weeks in Florida. I'm sorry it's not brilliant filming but I wanted to enjoy the holiday as opposed to doing my day job : ) So I used my iPhone and vlogging camera here and there when I could. I hope it has captured some of the fun we had.

Lots of love

Little Moose xx